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We believe the service we provide to our clients is the distinguishing factor that makes Parke Avenue Investments one of the leading Independent investment services firms serving individual Investors.

Investment firms today provide many services to their clientele.  Most of the main services provided differ very little though.  From one firm to the next things like product selection, statement reporting, and online access are fairly standard.  While we offer all of these services, we believe the real value we provide and the greatest benefit to our clients are the intangible services.  

Understandability- We take the time to ensure that our clients understand the issues that we discuss with them.  We ensure that the products and services we recommend, including all the costs, timelines, limitations, and risks involved are clearly understood.  Our clients make informed investment decisions.

Availability- We are always personally available to our clients to talk on the phone or to meet in person. That is a big statement to make, but that is the primary reason we have been successful for the last sixteen years. We believe that clients are entitled to have access to us and to talk about those investments whenever they choose.

None of the clients of Parke Avenue Investments are ever told to call an 800 number, get recorded messages that directs them through a call menu, or told to leave a message to which they will never get a response.

Dependability- We do what we say! It is that simple. If we say that we are going to call you back on Tuesday afternoon with an answer to your question, we will call you back on Tuesday afternoon. We might not always have the answer to your question, but we will call you and tell you that we don't have the answer yet. And then, we will tell you when we think that we will have the answer, and when we will call you back again.

Financial Confidence- We are focused on striving to provide financial confidence by helping you to:

  • Understand the issues and make informed investment decisions
  • Know that your investment professional is always available to answer your questions
  • Be confident that your investment professional will always follow through and do what he tells you he will do


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